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The Eastern Grey Squirrel free essay sample

Realm: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Sciuridae Genus: Sciurus The eastern dark squirrel, or Sciurus carolinesis, is from the eastern and midwestern United States, and furthermore toward the eastern territories of Canada (Wildlife Profiles). As the name expresses the eastern dark squirrel has dim hide however it can likewise have rosy hide and in some uncommon cases dark hide. Its midsection is white and it has a long ragged tail. The normal size of one of these squirrels is around 18 oz and the length, including the long thick tail, being 18 inches in length (Animal Diversity Web). The eastern dim squirrel’s environment comprise of enormous territories of develop, thick forest biological systems. These timberland that they live in as a rule contain enormous zones of vegetation so they are increasingly ready to take care of the bounty of squirrels living there. The squirrels by and large favor making their caves in enormous tree limbs and furthermore inside the empty trunks of trees. We will compose a custom paper test on The Eastern Gray Squirrel or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Eastern dark squirrels have additionally been known to make their nook from surrendered feathered creatures home. The lairs typically comprise of greenery plants, thistledown, dried grass, and plumes (Wildlife Management Guide). These are utilized to help protect the lair and keep everybody warm and away from the brutal situations. Near people, eastern dark squirrels are found in parks and terraces of houses inside urban situations and in farmlands of country conditions (Wikipedia). Foods grown from the ground accommodate the vast majority of the squirrels diet. The squirrels most significant food being the oak seed that is created by our numerous oak trees. Mushrooms are likewise a top pick (Animal Diversity Web). The eastern dim squirrel has been acquainted with western North America, western Canada, South Africa, Ireland, and England (Wikipedia). On account of their mass populace they have declined the number of inhabitants in red squirrels. An arrangement to help dispose of the squirrels in England is to have ace gourmet experts advance eating the squirrels (Wikipedia). Another arrangement that the U. S, has thought of is to consume some timberland, Because that way it would consume the squirrels home and help a portion of the blue berry hedges to develop back (Wildlife Management Guide). What I figure we ought to do as a legitimate method to direct the squirrel populace is do what we do with wild felines. With wild felines the USPCA will get them and have them fixed so they can't recreate. How we will do this is in over populated territories of squirrels we will set snares, mind you the snares ought not hurt the creatures. What's more, we will pick a few females to be not able to imitate. I accept this will significantly diminish the squirrel populace to a number we are for the most part content with.

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Business Research Report Proposal Final Research Proposal

Question: Talk about theBusiness Research Report Proposal for Final Research Proposal. Answer: Presentation: The matter of the travel industry is expanded since most recent two decades. The quantities of individuals visiting to the traveler places from the various nations are expanding persistently. Because of accessibility of the great transportation offices, individuals visit the majority of the vacationer spots of the world. Because of these reasons, the matter of the travel industry and related organizations such lodging industry and related independent companies are expanding quickly. The voyagers puts close to the seaside zone are most loved spots of the visitors. The majority of the sightseers lean toward the costal spots. Because of these reasons the investigation of the travel industry business is significant. There are such a significant number of elements which influences the matter of the travel industry. To check the relationship among the various components related with the travel industry is significant for understanding the subtleties of this industry. The Gold Coast in the Queensland, Australia is all around created traveler goal of the different people groups among the world. The majority of the individuals visit this goal because of the excellent bright areas and other wonderful spots. The fundamental business of this city is the travel industry and there is tremendous income made because of heaps of vacationers visiting Gold Coast city of Australia. Business Research Topic For this business inquire about investigation, we select the theme as the travel industry in the Gold Coast of the Australia. We need to examine the various components identified with the travel industry in the Gold Coast in the Queensland Australia. We need to investigate the various issues with respect to the travel industry in the Gold Coast city. We need to consider the quantity of guests or vacationers visiting the Gold Coast in the Australia. We additionally need to check whether the extent of the male and female is same in the visitors who visit the Gold Coast. Additionally we need to examine the case whether there is any centrality contrast in the guests according to the distinctive age gatherings. We need to check from which nation a large portion of the travelers wanted visiting Gold Coast city. Additionally, we need to examine a few information with respect to the convenience offices in the Gold Coast of the Australia. We will consider what will be normal consumption for t he lodging and nourishment for the visitors visiting Gold Coast. Likewise, we will break down the information identified with some different factors identified with the travel industry in the Gold Coast in the Queensland Australia. Writing Review The Gold Coast is called as the amusement park capital of Australia. It has a lot of decisions to engage all ages. It is the beach front city situated in the South East Queensland. This is the second most crowded city in the state. Because of the excellent areas, this is the most loved spot of the vacationers. This is the most well known goal of the people groups because of its radiant subtropical atmosphere, riding sea shores, channel and conduit frameworks, its skyscraper overwhelmed horizon, amusement parks, nightlife, and rainforest. Because of wonderful spots it is the most loved goal for the film makers. The travel industry is the principle business for the Gold Coast. It produces aggregate of $2.5 million in income for each annum. This goal is the fifth most visited goal by the worldwide voyagers. The matter of the travel industry is grown generally in the Gold Coast. Transportation offices in the city are generally excellent and a wide range of other foundation is accessible in the city. Research Questions For this examination study, it is imperative to build up the exploration questions. By utilizing this exploration addresses we will check the various cases by utilizing the measurable examination. For this examination study, the exploration questions are summed up as underneath: Is there any critical contrast in the quantity of male and female travelers visiting the Gold Coast of Australia? Is there any huge distinction in the quantity of the sightseers with the diverse age gatherings? What is the normal consumption and normal remain of the vacationers in the Gold Coast of Australia? Which visitors place in the Gold Coast in the Australia most visited by the sightseers? Is there any augmentation in the quantity of guests in the Gold Coast of Australia? For checking these cases or research questions, we will utilize the best possible research approachs and strategies which are examined in the following theme. Research Methodologies and Techniques For this examination study, the initial step is to gather the information by utilizing the best possible strategy for inspecting. With the end goal of assortment of information, we would utilize the basic arbitrary inspecting for the determination of the voyagers. The information ought to be gathered by utilizing the best possible strategy. We need to gather the information for the various factors, for example, number of days the traveler remain in Gold Coast, all out consumption of the vacationer in the Gold Coast, number of guests in the Gold Coast, and so forth. With the end goal of assortment of the information for the quantity of vacationers visiting the Gold Coast we will utilize the administration asset. We have to utilize the various assets with the end goal of assortment of information. Additionally, we need to gather some data from the vacationers. For this reason, we have to set up a solid and steady survey for gathering the data with respect to the sightseers. The survey ought to be solid and steady and it ought to be reasonable to the visitors from various nations. There would be a language issue for the a large portion of the voyagers and hence it is critical to interpret the survey in the various dialects with the goal that sightseers give the reaction in a simple way. It ought to be remembered that there would be no inclination for the sightseers from the various pieces of the globe. The gathered example should be illustrative of whole world. On the off chance that the gathered example contains predisposition, at that point we don't get the fair-minded outcomes for the exploration study. Additionally, it is imperative to keep up the best possible example size. On the off chance that the example size is excessively little, at that point there would be one-sided results and these outcomes are not relevant or we can say that these appraisals are not valuable for additional investigation or examination with respect to the travel industry in the Gold Coast city of Australia. A Project Plan utilizing a Gantt Chart A Gantt diagram is the graph of the correct time the executives for the various exercises remembered for the exploration study. For this exploration study we need to perform various exercises with the end goal of information assortment and information examination. The general Gantt graph for this exploration venture is given as underneath: Action Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 Investigation of vacationer business in Gold Coast Information assortment - Interviews Information assortment - Questionnaire Information assortment - Telephonic Association of information in plain organization Measurable information investigation Research results Portrayal of the Research Process Above all else, we will choose the examination speculation or research inquiries for the exploration study. Subsequent to choosing the examination theory or focuses on the exploration study, we will gather the information by utilizing the various strategies, for example, interviews, survey, telephonic meetings, and so on. After assortment of the reactions from the visitors we will sort out the whole information in the solid and steady plain configuration. At that point by utilizing this information we will investigate the information by utilizing the diverse measurable devices and strategies. We will utilize the spellbinding insights, graphical examination and inferential measurements with the end goal of investigation of information gathered for the exploration study. We will utilize the diverse measurable tests to test the various cases under examination. After the factual investigation, we will discover the examination results or the outcomes for the exploration study with respect to the travel industry in the Gold Coast city of Queensland Australia. Information Collection and Analysis Methods For this exploration study, we will gather the information by utilizing the various techniques. We will utilize the survey for getting the reactions from the voyagers visiting the Gold Coast of Australia. Likewise, we will orchestrate the basic meetings or telephonic meetings for assortment of the information from the visitors. Likewise, we will utilize the various assets with the end goal of assortment of information for the quantity of guests in the Gold Coast city. We will utilize the distinctive approved organizations for the information assets. After assortment of the information we will utilize the distinctive measurable strategies and procedures. We will utilize the illustrative insights for getting the general thought regarding the various factors remembered for the exploration study. Likewise, we will utilize the graphical examination for the various factors for getting the data in regards to the idea of the information for the factors identified with the travel industry in the Gold Coast city of Australia. For checking the various cases with respect to the travel industry in the Gold Coast we will utilize the inferential measurements or the testing of theory. We will utilize the diverse measurable tests for checking the cases. For checking the critical distinction between the various elements for the factors under examination, we would utilize the one example t test or the two example t test. We will utilize the examination of change for checking the huge distinction in the vacationers with various age gatherings. Additionally, we will utilize the connection and relapse examination for checking the connection between the various factors and estimation of the populace parameters in regards to the travelers business in the Gold coast city of Australia. Expected Research Outcomes After measurable examination we will discover the exploration results for the exploration study. For this exploration study, the normal results for this stud

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An Introduction to Academic Presentation Topics

An Introduction to Academic Presentation TopicsAcademic presentation topics are always varied is good. A presentation should be able to cover an extensive range of subjects, not just a narrow range of topics that may be covered in another presentation. To make this possible, you will need to consider what the audience is interested in and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.Of course the topics will be chosen for a reason and these are usually based on what the audience has already heard in other occasions. They will expect you to go back to that subject and cover it again. This is why it is important to give them a summary at the start of your presentation. The key is to know your audience so well you can anticipate what they want to hear. Knowing who your audience is, even if you think you know it all, is a great idea.Talk about topics that interest your audience. Focus on what they are interested in and forget about what interests you. These people have different preference s and tastes so if you don't know what they want, you may end up talking about things that they would rather not be thinking about. To avoid this avoid talking about things that you don't understand. Find out what they would like to hear about and speak from this knowledge.Let your topics and subjects get under your audience's skin. Showing your audience, your knowledge will show you respect for them and for the subject of your course. Give them hints of what you know about your topic.Your audience will also be expecting your ability to communicate skills. If you can't talk they will lose interest. You will therefore need to use a simple yet clear style of communication. Be aware of any pitfalls that are there and avoid them if you can.Your audience should be expecting your performance to be on the level of those of an academic. They expect you to deliver a quality presentation. By your presentation you will show the audience how important your job is. You should provide them with t he information that they need to succeed. If you can show them how to make the right decision in their work, then you will have taken your students by surprise.Be consistent in presenting your material and make sure you can present it with confidence. Any slip ups could destroy the impression you are trying to create. Make sure you keep track of the time so you can accurately count down the minutes to the end of your presentation.Make sure you take notes as the presenter or as an observer. Use it as an opportunity to write down notes from the previous session. Also make sure you review what you wrote for your audience after the presentation. You will be able to see what topics are still making an impact and areas where you could do better.

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Making Friend in Violent Neighborhood - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1522 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/02/06 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: My Neighborhood Essay Did you like this example? According to the article Making Friends in Violent Neighborhood: Strategies among Elementary School Children By Anjanette M. Chan Tack and Mario L. Small. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Making Friend in Violent Neighborhood" essay for you Create order March 15, 2017, Sociological Science in the article the problem is that certain researcher is trying to study that they are trying to examine the friendships among children and the violent behavior. Researcher are trying to examine the friendships with other childrens where other children were observed. Children in violent neighborhood approach friendship cautiously, with a goal of staying safe while many studies have examined friendship formation among students. Young people tend to react to violence as a way to keep themselves from getting the target that is why many children join gangs for protection. In the neighborhood, the conditions can affect the children because of the poverty and the conditions in the neighborhood. In the previous research in the neighborhood violence is a way to have the youngster to have a friendship from the network that says that forming relationships with other peers can provide protection for people that live in a violent neighborhood. Many of the st udents are seeking for protection, avoidance, and testing our ability to connect with other students that can keep them safe. Some children plan to befriend other children who can provide protection for them, that is why children avoid making friends. The relationship students form can help us learn that during our childhood we can shape other peoples ability to maintain a stable relationship as we grow up as adults.Many of the students said things about the serious violence going on because people are killed because of neighborhood violence. In the neighborhood it is a risk because in the article it shows thats neighborhood are found risk a lot of times In 2016, Chicago, the site of our study, experienced 750 murders, the largest number since 1997 (Bostman and Smith 2016). Violent crime rates in Chicago have been persistently high for some time. An earlier survey of more than 500 children in three elementary schools on Chicagos South Side found that 26 percent of elementary school children had witnessed a shooting, 30 percent had witnessed a stabbing, and 78 percent had witnessed a beating, (Tack And Small 225). People who were previously in bad neighborhoods are cautious to see if they are able to go outside without being killed or anything like that. The bad things in violent neighborhoods are that there are many gangs and people in gangs will start killing each other because you would hear the gunshot around your house. Violence is a way to understand friendships with others. Even in the neighborhood, you will get involved with fights. Students that are not in gangs are told to joined gangs with others, and then they would tell you to make you do drugs and all kinds of things in neighborhoods in the ends they would end up fighting. The kind of issue that is being investigated is how the neighborhoods are like. In a middle school sixth, seventh, and eighth graders of 2 Chicago schools mentioned that in the communitys friendship that includes a lot of strategies that include that many children are looking for friendship for protection, friends who help avoid violence, even testing their friends to see if there are trustworthy enough. In the neighborhood violence is a way to get involved with having fewer friends. a Researcher found that children who react to a threat of violence will form a friendship plan because there are many kinds of risk that are going on such as the risk of getting hurt in a physical confrontation(Fights) and the risk of getting into a confrontation (getting involved). During the interview, the children said that they need to be social active with friends, form friendship with other children. They needed other children to get involved with a broken relationship, how they would maintain a fr iendship with other. And Many children that were interviewed used a plan to figure out whether or not to form a friendship.The author believes neighborhood violence will be related to having few friends of a group of adolescents. So many of these children believe if there get to close enough they would get hurt. People would even be bully so other starts to stick together and even they would create gangs together to be on the safer side. They were testing if I am watching people close enough to see before becoming friends with them because when you let them in, later on when you get to know a person youll find out their reals side and their real color and you dont know when they would stab you in the back. Students would watch other to see their action are so they would look at you for a long time. They would decide which friend they would hang out with or not. Through one of the story, Alice is very cautious Alice watched her potential friends carefully to see if they are true friends or would they go behind your back, stoop low, and to see whether they tell stuff about you thats not true. Id be testing people. Id tell somebody something thats not true, but then if somebody else hears what I told that person, I know that theyre not a true friend.(Tack and Small 237). Sandra had developed her wariness towards her peers through close observation. The researcher would investigate the relationship between schools and how students would form a connection with another student. While the study was going on researcher would observe how the student would interact with other students as they walk in the school or as they walk down the block or take a bus and the interaction the students have with others. In the study, Goodwin and Browns Middle school were involved with the study. Many of story talks about the violent neighborhood where many of the people are scared because of the violence. In this case, the participant was told that they were doing a study on how students are making friends and how they pick those friends to be friends by doing the interviews they were paid to do if they didnt want to answer specific question they would get rid of the interview. The researcher who was in charge made a relationship with the school staff in the summer before conducting the study because they wanted to recruit the students, parents, homeroom teacher and they even made an announcement about it so that they would have the chance to have the student to participate in the study and even parents. According to the article During the study period, Brown experienced more than 1,300 assaults, 1,400 battery, and 190 weapons incidents per year per 100,000 persons; Goodwin experienced more than 380 assaults and 380 battery incidents per year per 100,000 persons.(Tack and Sm all 231). In the study, Goodwin and brown middle school were taking part in the study. Many of the students are scared because of the violence they hear about the stories of the violent neighborhoods. Many of the students were the ages of 11 to 15 and were the average of age of 13. Homeroom teacher in the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders gave the researcher to describe what the study was about and to invite the students. students seemed bored, distracted, or unforthcoming during the interview. Three of these were eighth-grade boys who were performing poorly academically and had reputations for being involved in gangs. The fourth was a sixth-grade boy who was on the autism spectrum. ( Tack and Small 229-230). The kind of technique that was used was by getting close to the students and teachers during free times researcher would get closer to everybody by getting having conversation and by getting comfortable with the researcher. The data that told us that based on representative data, estimated a national juvenile gang membership rate of only 2 percent in 2010. More over, because much gang research focuses on delinquent behavior and on older, adolescent males, it has shed less light on how younger, nondelinquent adolescent boys and girls make friends in response to violent neighborhoods (Tack And Small 225). The data that told us was a report of the National Intuition of justice and was in fact found by Pyrooz and Sweeten.Overall, the study was to understand the friendships students have by interacting with others and the violent behavior they have. We need the agreement to try to acknowledge the circumstances, reaction to the experiment, decision because based on the study the interview was to understand how the decision making because it is to understand the approach of the network of the entire school such as interaction. And Individuals must make decisions to engage others in friendship for a friendship to form, and focusing on how children make those decisions or how they change it. I believe that the study told us how violent the neighborhood is and how students make friends. In the study they could have put some students in the same room and see if they would interact with each other or if they were left in the room alone what would they have done with interacting would they stay quiet or not say anything or get to know the other students.

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What Is an Agrarian Society

An agrarian society focuses its economy primarily on agriculture and the cultivation of large fields. This distinguishes it from the hunter-gatherer society, which produces none of its own food, and the horticultural society, which produces food in small gardens rather than fields. Development of Agrarian Societies The transition from hunter-gatherer societies to agrarian societies is called the Neolithic Revolution and has happened at various times in various parts of the world. The earliest known Neolithic Revolution happened between 10,000 and 8,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent — the area of the Middle East stretching from present-day Iraq to Egypt. Other areas of agrarian societal development include Central and South America, East Asia (India), China, and Southeast Asia. How hunter-gatherer societies transitioned to agrarian societies is unclear. There are many theories, including ones based on climate change and social pressures. But at some point, these societies deliberately planted crops and changed their life cycles to accommodate the life cycles of their agriculture. Hallmarks of Agrarian Societies Agrarian Societies allow for more complex social structures. Hunter-gatherers spend an inordinate amount of time seeking food. The farmer’s labor creates surplus food, which can be stored over periods of time, and thus frees other members of society from the quest for foodstuffs. This allows for greater specialization among members of agrarian societies. As land in an agrarian society is the basis for wealth, social structures become more rigid. Landowners have more power and prestige than those who do not have land to produce crops. Thus agrarian societies often have a ruling class of landowners and a lower class of workers. In addition, the availability of surplus food allows for a greater density of population. Eventually, agrarian societies lead to urban ones. The Future of Agrarian Societies   As hunter-gatherer societies evolve into agrarian societies, so do agrarian societies evolve into industrial ones. When less than half the members of an agrarian society are actively engaged in agriculture, that society has become industrial. These societies import food, and their cities are centers of trade and manufacturing. Industrial societies are also innovators in technology. Today, the Industrial Revolution is still being applied to agrarian societies. While it is still the most common kind of human economic activity, agriculture accounts for less and less of the world’s output. Technology applied to agriculture has created increases in the output of farms while requiring fewer actual farmers.

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Essay about Kant - 1684 Words

Cant find it here? Try Collegiate Care Immanuel Kant Immanuel Kant was a man before his time. His philosophies, as outlined in Perpetual Peace, paved the way for modern political relations. Unbeknownst to his day and age, his insights were a revelation. They were seeds planted and left unsewn for 120 years. As a first and second image theorist, Kant mixes his liberal and realist views to paint a picture of quot;perpetual peace.quot; His essay outlines the actions that nations should take to achieve this lofty objective. Through his layout of behavioral and philosophical ideologies, he believes nations can truly live synchronically. The first section of Kants essay contains articles that specifically state the†¦show more content†¦Nations, he says, must not interfere with the constitution of another. He implicitly reaffirms the principals of the Treaty of Wesphaylia - sovereignty and noninterference. In the final article, Kant addresses war directly. He states that if nations are at war, then they should refrain from doing things during the course of war that would cause the other nations to distrust them in future times of peace. By this, he is referring to the use of assassins and treasonous deeds. This concludes the first section of his essay. The second section of quot;Perpetual Peacequot; is more in depth. Kant gives us three articles that define what type of government nations must apply to reach a perpetual peace. He begins this section by arguing that it is not in mans nature to be at peace. He declares that the natural state of man is war. He goes on to say: quot;...for the suspension of hostilities does not provide the security of peace...quot; (111) However, it can be reached in a state of lawfulness. Kant explains why republican constitutions are vital to ensure the peace of nations. He reasons this by arguing that this is the only type of government that guarantees freedom and equality of the people. Kant goes on to state that the republican form of government is the most difficult to form and maintain. But, he reaffirms that a republic is the type of government most apt to achieve peace because it gives its people a voice, ensures consequencesShow MoreRelatedImmanuel Kant And The Kant Essay1263 Words   |  6 Pages Immanuel Kant Lying Chiyane Peterson MCCC Ethics MW 1:30pm Parviz Dehghani Lying the one form of communication that is the untruth expressed to be the truth. Immanuel Kant states that lying is morally wrong in all possible ways. His hatred for lying has made him â€Å"just assumed that anyone who lied would be operating with a maxim like this: tell a lie so as to gain some benefit.†(Landau,pp.171) This is true for a vast number of people, they will lie in orderRead MoreKant s Principles Of Kant1743 Words   |  7 Pages The work of Immanuel Kant focuses on the idea that of everything in the world it is only good will that can be taken as â€Å"good without qualification† (Kant, 393). Unlike qualities or talents, which can be used both for good and for bad, good will is considered by Kant to be unequivocally good. Therefore, Kant’s principles require an individual to make decisions only based rationally upon the principles, or maxim, behind that decision, without consideration of the consequences that that actionRead MoreKant And Kant s Philosophy1657 Words   |  7 Pagesuniversal a priori condition which alone things can become objects of our cognition in general[.]† -Immanuel Kant, p 20 of Critique of Judgment This quote most aptly describes Kant’s purpose in writing a critique of aesthetic judgment, with the most important term being â€Å"transcendental.† The Oxford Dictionary defines the word as â€Å"presupposed in and necessary to experience† (what Kant refers to as a priori). In this sense, it is something that pertains to elements of human experience and thenRead MoreKant : Kant s Ethics1293 Words   |  6 PagesKhaled AlMarwani Philosophical Ethics PHL270 Dr. Elizabeth F. Cooke Question # 1: Kant’s Ethics According to my humble reading, Kant is considered the hardest to read, grasp and understand among the philosophers that we came across studying ethics. According to Kant, nothing could be called good without qualification except a good will. And the good will is the desire or the tendency to do your duty because it is your duty, not anything else. Thus, nothing can be gained out of an actionRead MoreImmanuel Kant And Kant On Morality1097 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent societies. Examples would be don’t cheat, don’t steal, and treat others as you would want to be treated. When dealing with the philosophers take on morality, there are two which are usually compared to one another, Immanuel Kant and David Hume. Immanuel Kant had many theories throughout his philosophical time. Here are some of his ethical works, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals (1785), the Critique of Practical Reason (1788), and the Metaphysics of Morals (1797), which contains bothRe ad MoreKant And Kant s Philosophy2023 Words   |  9 PagesImmanuel Kant was an exceptional philosopher who often fantasized about the wonders of the human perception. Through the power of imagination in the human mind Kant was able to postulate possible answers to the great questions of existence. He was daring and bold to wonder what constitutes the beauty of the human soul, how the existence of an all-powerful entity would be possible, and also what do human beings really do to perceive their surroundings. With such notable works as Critiques of PracticalRead MoreKant And Kant s Metaphysical Theorizing1303 Words   |  6 Pageswere possible. For Kant, the question of how synthetic a-priori judgements operated was central to understanding the nature of human thinking, and to enabling metaphysics. Previously Kant had been alerted to the writings of David Hume. Hume had effectively claimed that knowledge only came from analytic a-priori judgments or by synthetic a-posteriori. Hume criticized the notion of cause and effect, and claimed it to be product of conventions of thought, rather than reason. Kant had recognized thatRead MoreKant And Kant s Categorical Imperative1241 Words   |  5 Pages Immanuel Kant, an 18th-century moral philosopher, had contended that the fundamental principle of morality is the Categorical Imperative, from here will be additionally labeled as (CI) or otherwise mentioned. He supported his view by suggesting a pure moral philosophy; a metaphysics of morals that is not solely for rational beings to explore different ¬ sources of basic moral principles that are found through their own observational experience a priori, but additionally for the sake of morality asRead MoreKant And Kant s Universal Law Essay1458 Words   |  6 PagesDoes Kant successfully establish that one must never under any circumstances or for any purpose tell a lie? In this essay, I will argue that Immanuel Kant fails to successfully establish lying as morally impermissible because the claim that lying is morally impermissible goes against common sense. Kant defines his Universal Law to demonstrate the necessary action one must take in order to act in a way that is morally permissible and uses it in support of his belief that one’s motive is the soleRead MoreKant And Kant s Moral Ethics862 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to Kant, We have these absolute duties to ourselves and these duties to oneself become the supreme principle of all duties. Therefore, these supreme self-duties are the reason why moral ethics exist, and without our duties to oneself there would be no other duties, nor would we, as a species, survive at all. However, these self-regarding duties can be very contradicting, but can help us understand the bigger picture of the categorical imperative. Kant believes that we must â€Å"act only according

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FRQ APUSH Practice free essay sample

Cameron Martin P: 3 FRQ 7-9 Thesis FRQ 7. In what ways and to what extent was industrial development from 1800 to 1860 a factor in the relationship between the northern and the southern states? (2006B) Industrial development from 1800 to 1860 played a role in the relationship between the northern and southern states mainly through the industrial revolution. The Transportation Revolution benefitted the north the most with railroads while the south was dug into slavery. The Market Revolution changed both the North and South by changing a mercantilist based economy into a capitalist economy. The industrial revolution itself created more jobs in factory based environments. Tensions grew between the two as they became to grow more apart when the north was transitioning into industrial work when the south depended on agriculture. Overall, their differences between 1800 to 1860 created tensions between the two areas. FRQ 8. Compare the experiences of ALL of the following groups of immigrants during the period 1830 to 1860. We will write a custom essay sample on FRQ APUSH Practice or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page English  Irish German (2007B) The English, Irish, and German immigrants from 1830 to 1860 shared many of the same traits and experiences during that time. The three groups of immigrants shared a poor lifestyle where the Irish faced the potato famine, the English were facing a poor economy and most desired to move to America, and the Germans came from all places as there was no Germany at the time making them poor and spread throughout the states. The Irish were hates for reasons such as ruining the Lowell system and overpopulating the cities whereas the English blended in as citizens of America getting standard treatment. The Germans on the other hand stuck to their own kind and treated in mixed ways. FRQ 9. Analyze the impact of the market revolution (1815–1860) on the economies of ALL Of the following regions. The Northeast The Midwest The South The Market Economy between 1815 and 1860 changed economics in the northeast, midwest, and south by switching from a mercantilist based economy to one of capitalist economics. Eli Whitney’s cotton gin gave the South the status of the main and largest exporter of cotton which boosted their economy. The Northeast became very factory based and opened jobs for many people allowing for their industrial economy to boom along with the market revolution. The Midwest was the center of an agricultural society and the market revolution brought machinery to work instead of the farmers.